Cyber School offers three different options to cater for all educational options that match any student's circumstances:

1. Curriculum plus ongoing Online Assessments (These help you monitor your progress)

2. Cyber School On Demand - non live schooling available when it suits you, day or night!

3. Curriculum plus ongoing Online Assessments plus daily, structured, live virtual classroom sessions combined with a full time student timetable. In short as close to a traditional school environment as possible, except this one is virtual and can be "attended’ via the internet

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If you are an existing student and have an inquiry or need assistance, you can contact our Support office via Live Chat. If online, click on the icon below to chat to a representative or if offline, send us a message.
Live Chat normally available during office hours: 
Monday to Friday, 08h00 - 15h30 GMT + 2 hours
Buenos Aires 03h00 - 10h30
Johannesburg 08h00 - 15h30
Singapore 14h00 - 21h30





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